Etheric Reconstruction

Etheric Reconstruction is a very powerful healing modality for those suffering from trauma or core issues that keep them stuck in old patterns. Etheric Reconstruction can remove blockages and heal distortions within the energy body which is nearest the physical body. It is recommended that one receive the Life Activation, Full Spirit Activation, and Empower Thyself Initiation before receiving etheric reconstruction. There are exceptions to this as in the case of severe persistent depression, some mental illnesses, and serious physical illnesses.

What to expect: This very sacred session is performed while the client is seated. Chris completes a scan of the etheric energy layer, focusing on the region around the head. Then she uses Etheric Reconstructions tools from the mineral kingdom to heal and clear the area identified during the scan. It may take two to three sessions to clean all seven layers of the etheric body. At the end of each session, you will receive a homeopathic elixir that will support you in integrating the healing energy from the session.