Eleventh Codone Reading

The 11th Codon Reading is a holy reading which will explain your past, present and future contracts. Once you've received the Life Activation you have your DNA fully activated. Within your DNA are receptor points, or codons, which hold different pieces of information. Within your 11th codon is all the information of your past present and future. By tapping into this sacred energy point we can channel information through that has to do with past emanations, 12 physical and spiritual dimensions, your personal gifts, your current contracts with yourself and loved ones, your DNA lineage, your spirit origin, and your purpose for being here.

This modality is certainly one of the most sacred of all readings and can bring through high levels of healing by understanding ones self fully. There can be a lot of information involved and it is highly recommended for you to bring some paper to take notes on to ask questions afterwards. If you don't necessarily want all the information, but just want to know more about your immediate purpose for being in this life we can hone in on particular points and just do a Purpose of Life Reading. In the Purpose of Life Reading we will only touch upon 3 areas within the codon instead of 12, and that will bring in more time to channel your purpose and get more depth out of it.